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Pictures from my day trip to Rye - Thursday 2nd July 2009

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Start of Harbour Rd, Rye
This is the start of Harbour Road. It's a long walk from the station to get here, and another 1.5 miles from here to Rye Harbour village.
One of the sights as you enter the village is this restored bouy.
Just along from the bouy is this ships anchor.
The Inkerman pub
A welcome sight after any long walk. This is the Inkerman pub. I had two cooling pints in here - one before going to the beach, and one afterwards.
Red roofed hut
One of the sights as you approach the beach is this bright red roofed hut. I have no idea what it's purpose is, but against the stark background it stands out a mile.
Gun emplacement
Another feature as you approach the beach is this (and another identical) relic from the second world war. It is a machine gun emplacement guarding the entrance to the harbour.   
Inside the gun emplacement
Inside the gun emplacement. Some idea of the remoteness of Rye harbour can be gained by the lack of grafitti, crisp packets, and old cider bottles !
Mouth of the river Rother
This is where the River Rother meets the sea. On the far side are the dunes, and sandy beaches of Camber Sands.
Old harbour wall
This marks the entrance to the river Rother, and is probably the remains of the old harbour wall.
Looking along the beach towards Winchelsea
View along the beach looking in the direction of Winchelsea. Picture taken while paddling in the sea.
paddling in the sea
One of my objectives of the trip satisfied - a paddle in the sea. It was very low tide, and the area I was paddling in was probably rarely exposed to dry out - hence all the plants and other sea life.
Bus ticket
After my long, hot, walk from Rye railway station to the beach I was very much relieved to find that there was actually a bus route back to the station from Rye Harbour village. What could have taken something like 40 minutes of hard slog was reduced to just 7 or 8 minutes of relief for my poor old battered feet. Excellent value for just 1.10 !